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Supply Chains Reimagined

The Stitt Family Freight Brokerage company wants to be your provider! We take a strategic approach to transportation and logistics planning. There are many complexities to a supply chain in regards to transportation. Things such as varying rates, different transport modalities and a wide range of quality and service levels are just a few things involved in transportation. This can help eliminate pesky problems and missed deadlines for your company.

Shipper - Our process helps remove your headaches and penalties for missed shipments that could cost you thousands. We want to help your company today! If you're ready for a reimagined supply chain that will help increase your visibility, help control your costs, and works to keep you efficient. 

Carriers: We are here to make sure that we find the best rate in whatever lane that you are operating in and provide dispatch service. 

Allow Your Company To Advance Using The Latest Technology

Network Analysis

By using Transportation Network Analysis you can find the perfect future state for your supply chain. The Stitt Family Freight Brokerage Company uses our software to design many different scenarios that can be used to optimize your supply chain. Our software helps us analyze transportation modes, freight optimization and speed-to-market factors. By baselining your current supply chain we are able to present new “what-if” scenarios that view things from a cost-to-serve perspective. This results in discovering opportunities within your supply chain and your network in order to enhance your company’s service and cost reductions.

Transportation Planning

If your company does a shipment on every order it can wind up being very costly to your budget. At The Stitt Family Freight Brokerage Company we use transportation management software, or TMS, to present dynamic, same-day optimization which results in better and smarter shipping solutions. Order frequencies play a big part in cost and service. In order to improve this for you our dedicated transportation management team helps to design solutions and provides real-time feedback for your company.

Transportation Management Portal

By using our online web portal you are provided with supply chain visibility for every order, breadcrumb tracking, cost details, real-time alerts, KPIs and reporting metrics. Our TMS is integrated into your business systems via application programming.

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